Your banker said "You've bought all the properties you can. No more mortgages for you." You are stuck where you are.


What would it mean for you to master Rapid Cash strategies?


Grow your skills!

Learn invaluable tools every investor can use every day.


Grow your cash!

Grow your portfolio as you learn to master these strategies.


Grow your reach!

Others will be looking up to you as an investor.


What past Rapid Cash attendees have to say...

"Obtaining financing can be a challenge some times. In order to grow I knew I needed to find different ways to purchase properties.

Barry's course covered a lot of information. He and his team lead you through the whole process. Their ongoing support after the class is finished continues to validate they really do want you to succeed.

I count this course as one more "tool" to use in my toolbox when it comes to financing options." Shelley Visser

Shelley Visser

Shelley Visser


"Time management, how to get leads, and how to follow through on them...

Barry and his team give you the action steps.

Using the Rapid Cashflow strategies that I have learned I have got four properties under contract in three months." James LeCleir

James LeCleir

James LeCleir

"Most serious real estate investors don't have enough of their own money to buy all the properties they they stop buying and they stop dreaming. But the truth is, it doesn't have to be that way!

That's why I created the Rapid Cash Program. To help investors who are out of cash, or out of borrowing power, or both, to buy more properties. You too can buy more properties, put more cash in your jeans - as they say, and live the life of your choosing." Barry McGuire, 40+ year Canadian Real Estate Lawyer & Investor.

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Who is the Rapid Cash Program ideal for?


Out of cash

Learn why that doesn't matter, and how to buy properties that put cash in your jeans fast.


No borrowing Power

Learn how to buy as many properties as you want using other people's borrowing power.


Missed opportunities

Learn how to reach your goals faster: legally sell a property without even closing on it.

To get the most out of the Rapid Cash Program, some real estate experience is recommended.


How easy is it to master the Rapid Cash strategies?

It's as easy as 1,2,3.

Rapid Cash Register Black 2000px.png

1. Register.

Rapid Cash Training Black 5000px.png

2. get trained.

Rapid Cash Buy Houses Black 2000px.png

3. Take ACTION!


Stop being stuck. Start buying more properties...

...And earn rapid cash!

Grow your skills, grow your portfolio, grow your influence.

Click "YES" below now to download your FREE PDF "Three PROVEN Real Estate Strategies Guaranteed To Give You Rapid Cash Flow". You'll get access to advanced real estate investing knowledge you can use to earn rapid cash flow. There are over 30 pages of information jam-packed into this enormously valuable resource.


What makes Rapid Cash Program so different?

Most real estate investors run out of their own money and have to stop buying properties. We created the Rapid Cash Program to help them buy more properties while putting cash into their pockets. Now they can buy as many properties as they want, live however they choose, and contribute more to the causes closest to their hearts!


Every deal you sign helps so many...



They get reduced stress, preserved credit, avoid foreclosure and can move on with life.



Whether they rent, rent-to-own, or buy from you, their lives are better for it.


Your Causes

Your church. Your charity. Your family. The more you earn, the more you can contribute. 

All while you are mastering the strategies & growing your portfolio.

(if you want to earn more money so you can contribute (even more) good to the world - welcome. You're our kind of people.)


What's included?

1. Complete Rapid Cash Home Study Course. (Sells separately for over $9,600.00)

2. LIVE 2-day Rapid Cash training**. (Over $4,000.00 value)

3. Six months of coaching, support and accountability from Barry and the Rapid Cash team. (Sold separately: over $3,700.00 value)

Total: Over $17,000.00 value.

Plus: Networking opportunities to meet your next potential partner(s) and connect with Rapid Cash team members for more personal advice and support: Value = PRICELESS!

**Next LIVE 2-day Rapid Cash training is: April 7-8, 2018, in Red Deer, Alberta.


What's my investment?

How much is being stuck costing you? How many potential deals have passed you by? How many memories are not being created in your life because you don't have the freedom of time or money to create them? How many people are missing what you have inside you to contribute? A lack of understanding around how to use advanced real estate investing strategies may already be costing you a great deal. But it doesn't have to be that way!

Only $1995 Graphic Black 2000px.png

Any Barry McGuire LIVE Training Alumni


Guest of a "General Public" attendee of this program


Guest of REIN* member attending this as their first Barry McGuire LIVE training program

Click here to register now.

Only $2995 Graphic Black 2000px.png

Any current REIN* member attending this as their first Barry McGuire LIVE training program


Any past REIN* member attending this as their first Barry McGuire LIVE training program

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*REIN = the Real Estate Investment Network, of which Barry is a faculty member .


What's my risk?

Money-Back Guarantee #1

Complete the first full day of LIVE training. If it is not everything you wanted, simply request a refund and get 100% of your registration fee returned... And keep the Complete Rapid Cash Home Study Course as a thank you! 


Money-Back Guarantee #2

Complete the LIVE 2-day training, the full six-month coaching program - including all hands-on exercises you will be provided, and fully participate in the support and accountability program. At the end of the six month coaching term, if you can prove you have done everything possible to make this work and it still does not work for you., we will refund 100% of your registration fee.