Your banker said "No! You've bought all the properties you can. You're stuck where you are."


What would it mean for you to master Rapid Cash strategies?

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Grow your skills!

You will learn invaluable skills every investor can use, with every real estate investing strategy, every day of the week.

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Grow your portfolio!

You will grow your portfolio - and your opportunities - as you learn to master these strategies.

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Grow your influence!

Before you know it others will be looking up to you as an investor they want to emulate. Who can you mentor?


"I've seen so many frustrated real estate investors who ran out of their own money and had to stop buying real estate...Or so they thought!" Barry McGuire

"Fortunately, it doesn't have to be that way. I've been helping investors solve that problem my entire career. Over forty years, in fact. I can help you too." Barry McGuire, Canadian Real Estate Lawyer & Investor.

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What some past Rapid Cash Program attendees have to say...


Who is the Rapid Cash Program ideal for?

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Out of cash

Your banker has told you they won't lend you any more money. No problem. You will learn why that doesn't matter, and how you can buy properties anyway.

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No borrowing Power

Even if you have cash, not having any borrowing power can get in the way of your goals. Not any more. You'll learn how to buy properties using other people's borrowing power - legally.

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expand your toolkit

Whether you have cash or not, borrowing power or not, learning new skills will make you a better real estate investor and propel you forward towards your goals a lot faster.

To get the most out of our Rapid Cash Program, it is recommended that you have done at least three transactions.


How to successfully master the Rapid Cash Program strategies:

It's as easy as 1,2,3.

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1. Register for the Rapid Cash Program.


2. Complete the 2-day Rapid Cash Live training.


3. Execute successfully (with Rapid Cash team's support).


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Most real estate investors run out of their own money and have to stop buying properties. We created the Rapid Cash Program to help them buy more properties while putting cash into their pockets. Now they can buy as many properties as they want, live however they choose, and contribute more to the causes closest to their heart!


Every deal you sign helps so many...

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Reduce their stress. Preserve their credit rating. Prevent their foreclosure. Sellers get to move on with their lives...whatever that means for them.

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Whether someone rents, rents-to-own, or outright buys a property from you, their lives are better for having dealt with an expert like you.

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Your Causes

Your church. Your favorite charity. Your children. The more cash flow you earn, the more support you can offer to those closest to your heart. 

All while you are mastering the strategies and growing your portfolio.

Just because you want to earn more money, that doesn't mean you won't do (even more) good with it. 


What is included with your Rapid Cash Program investment:

2 days Rapid Cash Live training

6 months coaching from Barry and his team



Successfully master the Rapid Cash Program strategies:

Is as easy as 1,2,3.

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